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About Me

Thank you for dropping by my website! I'm Nicole Adamz. I've died and been resurrected on the author journey, and along the way I gained a few nifty super powers! Powers such as filching my husband's dark chocolate, having the perfect pouty face when caught, and dusting myself off when I stand up from a fall. Of course, these aren't my REAL super powers. It would be a crazy conspiracy to think I would be picked up by men in black suits claiming to work for the government if I admitted my true powers, right?

I'm crazy in love with my Polish gamer husband, have a whirlwind of varying hobbies, and finally dislodged the caffeine IV inserted in my vein. Frantically writing, I usually spends my days chained to a desk with a cat in my lap.


Fun Factoids
  1. I'm a Christian; born and raised (literally and metaphysically, lol). If you aren't, we can still be friendly.

  2. I married a Polish American man. He's a gamer and sometimes we game together when I'm not writing. I'm madly in love with him, and he makes me laugh every single day. Yes! Every. Single. Day.

  3. I have been enamored with fantasy and sci-fi since I was a youngling.

  4. Some games that I play frequently are World of Warcraft, Paladins, Settlers Online and time management app games such as Cooking Diary. There are also many other games I like to play, but I do not have as much time for with adult life and a job *sad face*. I'm currently more of a PC vs. Console player, sorry XBox and Playstation!

  5. I'm a Trekkie by heart, but classic Star Wars is okay too. I just prefer to fly around space with Starfleet.

  6. The Sorting Hat put me in Slytherin and Ravenclaw, so I call myself a Slytherclaw. I can relate to aspects of both Houses.

  7. I'm a Southpaw. Lefties for the win!

  8. I love reading manga, watching anime, and watching Asian dramas.

  9. I'm an herbal coffee and tea drinker who loves quotes, and I'm a cat lover. My husband and I affectionately call our cats "Hat" and "Mittens" when they misbehave.

  10. I've traveled to a few different places, but Poland has a special place in my heart (for more than the obvious reason)!

What is Fantasy with Faith ?


Fantasy with Faith is a term I created to describe my writing style. It rides the line between gripping you by the throat story lines and keeping it non-graphic with sexual and violent content. I created this writing style because I want to read more books that take on the "grey area" between Christian and secular writing, making them suitable for readers on both sides. A hard task, I know. While Fantasy with Faith is based strictly on Biblical principles of right and wrong, it isn't the same as Christian Fantasy.


Fantasy with Faith are stories with a message. Christian Fantasy are messages with a story. There's a difference.


As a long-time avid reader of fantasy in every age bracket, I became disappointed with many of the stories that I began to read over the last few years. They were...lacking. Every single one of the regular fantasy books had become sensationalized. Everything that was conceived as "right" was permissible as long as whatever was deemed "good" won over whatever was deemed "evil", in the end. Yet, I also found a lot of Christian Fantasy to be...well, boring and predictable*. And there didn't seem to be any reconciliation between the two genres -- until now.


This newest style of writing aims to delve deeper into stories for any reader who has ever wanted more from their reading experience.

Time passed, and the more I grew as a Christian, the more I realized what was missing from the fantasy I read: faith. This realization did not spur me to write (I was writing long before then), but it did bolster my conviction that the world needs more stories like mine.


The world needs more light, and it needs more Fantasy with Faith.


I aim to bring both into it, and I hope that you join me on this journey!

*Please note, the statements above are my opinions as a reader--not a writer. There are many well-written books in both genres.

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