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Enter the Land of Schism

And choose a side.

An Indies Today
Recommended Read
with 5 Star reviews!

The Land of Schism Book One

"The walls shrunk as I realized the lies I would have to tell..."

An epic fantasy.

A twisted tale of friendship.

Lies, secrets, and magic!

Betrayal begins with a choice.


In a city full of winged people, Ari and Maewyn have chosen different gods. They'll have to survive the twisted games being played around them if they want to achieve their goals, but neither is prepared for the fate that awaits them. Lies and secrets have a way of unraveling, and betrayal is just the beginning.


The Land of Schism Book Two

"Her heart burned with bitter hate and revenge.”

Desperate choices and a broken friendship unravel dangerous secrets - and a new way to use magic.


Hate breeds vengeance.

Pain and death haunt Ari and Maewyn’s choices. Their broken friendship has left them with scars, and vengeance becomes a personal vendetta for them both. The secrets around them unravel fast and reveal shocking truths. War is brewing, and the gods Ari and Maewyn follow have plans for them.


Coming Soon!


The Land of Schism Book Three

Would you love to read book 3 sooner?!

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