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Asian Village

Follow the Mèilì sisters

toward different destinies.


Winner of the Indies Today Recommendation Award with 5 star reviews!

A Queen's Throne

Sometimes love comes second to need.

As the eldest daughter, Zhenzhu takes her duty seriously but can't help yearning for more. When Zhenzhu is accused of something she didn't do, her job is placed in jeopardy. Desperate, Zhenzhu struggles to forge a new path but becomes entangled with two men. Both offer her a chance at a different life, but she isn't sure what choice to make. Clinging to the past, and hope for the future, Zhenzhu’s troubled heart makes a surprising discovery.


Will her final choice help her family?


Silence and Shadow

The sting of loss is always felt.

Shìyán has never shared the same aspirations as her sisters. Despite her passion for music, her simple goal in life has always remained the same: help care for the Mèilì family. But her small world changes when she begins a tentative friendship with the intelligent and handsome Dr. Bakari. Suddenly, Shìyán has new hopes and dreams to look forward to—if she can survive. A dark specter is plotting against her, and time is running out. Shìyán struggles to endure, but the unexpected path her life veers down leaves her reeling.


Will Shìyán be torn from everything she loves?

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