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Chibi Character: Gladys

A Character Encounter

Whozits, whatzits, name it, Gladys has it - either on her person or in her workspace. This curious character is often found harried, disheveled, overworked, overloaded, glasses askew, and seemingly clumsy and confused. As a seamstress in a local tailor's shop that services the general public and Ascension, Gladys is constantly busy. Yet, her keen grey eyes hint at a hidden intelligence that bellies her oftentimes frazzled appearance. Ari meets Gladys on more than one occasion in the first novel of the Land of Schism series, Claimed: The Land of Schism Book One, and sometimes senses that something isn't exactly what it seems with petite Gladys...

Gladys enjoys piping hot cups of apple flavored pekoe, leisurely flights, and is an active humanitarian. If you tell her to clean her workspace, Gladys will happily snap her measuring tape at you (and quickly measure you in the process) while dismissively saying, "There aren't enough homes for the dust bunnies in here, and I don't charge them rent." Gladys has an active life that includes frequently meeting a merchant on Ash Path for a particular type of potted red dye.

If you would like to meet Gladys, you can find her in her workspace or wandering the streets of Summit in the novel Claimed: The Land of Schism Book One!

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