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Character: Ari Laurel

*Note: This character info-graphic includes a lot of information from Claimed. Some of these things change in Envoy. ;)

Basic Information

Name: Ari Laurel

Nickname: None

Name Significance: Ari "lion of God" Laurel "to honor with marks of distinction"

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (at the threshold of her second decade)

Location: Ascension inside of the Private Holding in Summit Birthplace: Hatchery in the Sanatorium Ethnicity: Elysian Nationality: Citizen of Summit

Physical Appearance

Skin Tone: Tan/Honey-colored/light nutmeg Complexion: Clear skin

Eye Color: Bi-colored eyes. Left eye is a deep gold, and the right is not revealed. Hair Color and Texture: Dark brown, almost black color in some lighting and curly, slightly coarse texture. Height: 5'9"

Body Type: Lean and slim with few curves, small breasts, and more of a rectangle shape.

Birthmarks: None

Scars: Scarred right hand after an incident involving Maewyn.

Left-handed/Right-handed/Ambidextrous: Right-handed, but after her hand becomes scarred she develops ambidextrous tendencies.

Age Character Appears to Others: Appears as an Elysian already past her second decade of life (in her 20's), not as someone who is barely out of her fledgling years

Dyed Hair Color: None

Usual Hairstyle: Messy, cropped curls that bounce around her cheeks

Tattoos: None, but was Claimed during the Abeyance and left with a dark star pattern on her hands.

Piercings: None Makeup Style: None. She prefers a bare face since she is deemed "ugly" by Elysian society for her bi-colored eyes anyway. Clothing Style: Simple. Wears the designated uniforms in Ascension, and before becoming a Tyro there she wore plain clothing without any of the (to her) frivolous Elysian adornments. Clothing Size: Medium but long in the arms and legs. Shoe Style: Simple ankle boots both in and out of uniform. Features: Almond-shaped eyes, full eyebrows with slight arch, long nose, high cheekbones, medium bow-shaped lips, strong jawline

Face Shape: Oval

Distinguishing Feature: Bi-colored eyes

Physical Strengths: Flying at a fast speed and training with a pole-arm Physical Weakness: Walking long distances.

Personality Traits

Extrovert or Introvert: Introverted

Meyers-Brigg Personality: INTJ

Optimist or Pessimist: Realist

Temperament: Generally calm and practical but sarcastic, sometimes arrogant, and prone to flares of mischief or anger. Protective of, and loyal to, loved ones.

Mood: Determined

Attitude: Grumpy but lovable

Strengths: Analyzes situations and tries to choose her actions wisely

Flaws: Self-absorbed Mannerisms: Expressive face which doesn't hide emotions well.

Habits: Makes lists to organize the things she needs to do or remember, and always asks questions.

Morning Person or Night Owl: Neither. Mid-day person. She enjoys sleeping and hates mornings when she doesn't sleep well.

Pet Peeves: Being lied to, and delivering Maewyn's love letters.

Weaknesses: Being aware of how others might feel, and overthinking.

Strength: Planning to achieve her goals, and ability to think critically.

Expressiveness: Open and expressive with those she cares about, reserved with those she does not know.

Ruled by Heart or Mind: Mind.

Mindset: Stubbornly wants to keep a low-profile in society as a True One believer in order to live peacefully and achieve her goals. Philosophy: The True One and the Old Ways lead to wise decisions in life. Motivated by: Her goal to free her family Anomaly, Zora, from her father's household. Everyday Speech: Common Tongue with Elysian dialect accent Life Motto: A living True One believer is better than a dead one.

Energy Level: Low. Often feels fatigued due to not sleeping well from constant dreams of the Abeyance.

Memory Level: Normal-ish. She makes lists for a reason.

Disabilities: As a Tyro, she is unable to speak and is also unable to manifest her Talent after being Claimed. Phobias: Not being able to fly. Addictions: Chocolate and eating Allergies: None known

Daily Occupation

Occupational Goal: To become a Caelum, one who preferably performs at Revues

Position in Society: Tyro in Ascension who is training to Ascend to Caelum status

Works for: Ascension, apprenticed to Maewyn

Education: Taught the rudimentary basics by a private tutor, but mostly self-taught via reading

Work Ethic: Diligent, efficient, and detail-oriented Income: A few dosh per month, dependent on the Revues assigned to/accepted by Maewyn

Citizen Class: Military. Ward General's youngest daughter. Outer Holding family in Summit.

Volunteer Work: None

Dream Occupation: Revue Caelum (before she took the Abeyance it was to be a playwrite, historian, or Warder)

Job she would do poorly at: Politics (she hates lying).

Career Satisfaction: Being able to bring a steady income that she can save to buy Zora's freedom.

Food Preferences

Diet: Eat a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, and fruits with some grains. Will consume sweets at will.

Favorite Foods: Chocolate, seasoned meat, and herb breads.

Favorite Drinks: Pekoe and water. Not a fan of wine.

Favorite Things, Hobbies, and Interests

Favorite Book: Flying Through the Ages with Style: A Guide to Push the Skies Limits

Favorite Place: A secluded spot outside of Summit near the Ward where a dead tree sits.

Favorite Activities: Flying and reading

Favorite time of day: Mid-day

Favorite Animal: None, but she thinks foxes are cute.

Favorite Hobbies: Enjoys extensively reading about plays and history, making lists of things she needs to do or remember, and absolutely loves flying fast and having races. Interests: Achieving her goals and learning. Happiest when: She has a scroll or tome in her hands, the sun is shining, and Zora is smiling. Saddest when: Zora has another bruise. Loves to: play pranks when no one expects it

Hates to: be around her father and older sister Inspired by: Zora's faith in the True One

Family and Relationships

Raised by: Her family Anomaly, Zora, and her father

Parent Status: Father is a widower. Mother is deceased.

Father's Name: Varen Laurel

Mother's Name: Mora Laurel

Relationship with Father: Full of turmoil, bitterness, and anger.

Relationship with Mother: None

Parenting Type: Zora cared for Ari. Her father was mostly negligent and wanted nothing to do with her, but he provided the basics.

Only Child: No.

Eldest Child, Middle Child, or Youngest Child: Youngest child.

Number of Siblings: Two but one has been missing for years.

Relationship with Siblings: Distant/Non-existent

Extended Family: None known. Known members are deceased.

Family Relations: Strained

How has family shaped the character: Created a deep well of insecurity she hides where she believes that she's not enough, and no one can easily love her.

Most liked about family: Zora's incredible example of grace despite her circumstances

Most disliked about her family: How broken it is.

Children: None

Pets: None

Best Friend(s): Niles Marcher and Maewyn Ambire

Worst Enemy(ies): Heir Talon and Caelum Pearl

Many acquaintances or few close friends: A few close friends

Relationship Status: Single. Not Mate-Bonded.

Marital Status: Not Life-Bonded

First Love: Danny

Current Love or Aspiring Love: Mysterious Merchant

Notable Ex-Lovers: None

Top 3 Loved Ones: Zora, Niles, Maewyn

Top 3 Disliked Ones: Father, Heir Talon, Maewyn

Knows the character best: Zora

Childhood/Adolescence: Ostracized by all peers except for Niles, who likes to tease her. Spent most of it alone aside from Zora and Niles. Religious Beliefs

Upbringing: Conservative values entrenched in the Old Ways

Core Values: Believing in the True One and her Old Ways

Morals: Based on following the Old Ways; no other gods before the True One, follow the True One and her Old Ways, modest apparel, no sexual relations before Life-Bonding and no adultery, no lying, no committing murder, no stealing, no coveting, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What does she believe is evil: The Usurper and his followers

What does she believe is good: The True One, the Old Ways, and fellow believers

Risks Worth Taking: Saving Zora

Goals and Daily Living

Culture: Winged beings focused on social class who thrive on extravagance, indulgence, power, and greed.

Achievements: passing the Abeyance and being Totality Claimed Main Goal: becoming a Caelum to buy Zora's freedom and let her live with Ari in peace. Minor Goal: figure out what her Talent is

Failures: Achieving her goals

Desire: To live a peaceful life with her loved ones Biggest Mistakes: Trusting Maewyn Current Obstacles: Not knowing what her Talent is Any secrets: Being a True One believer Worldview: Those who follow the Usurper make unwise choices with a complete disregard to consequences Personal Hero: Zora

Internal Conflict: Not feeling worthy of love from others

External Conflict: Trusting others when she has a secret that could kill her. What others generally think of her: That she is ugly, don't want to touch/look at her, and has a bad attitude.

What she generally thinks of herself: That she looks plain/ugly, but she can succeed if she tries hard enough and doesn't cause trouble. What she wishes she could change: Her father's treatment of Zora

What she wishes she could have: Success in her goals, a peaceful life with Zora, and the love of a good man. What gets her fired up: Someone acting impulsively in a way that will adversely affect them long-term. How will the character change? She will mature and grow emotionally, becoming more aware of herself and others.

Read more about Ari in Claimed and Envoy!

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