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Character: Lucinda Farouche

*Note: This character info-graphic includes a lot of information from Envoy. Some of these things change in Rivened. ;)

Basic Information

Name: Lucinda Farouche

Nickname: Lucy

Name Significance: Lucinda"Beautiful Light" Farouche "Wild/Fierce"

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Location: Demesne

Birthplace: Fettie's sod in Demesne

Ethnicity: Dweller

Nationality: Citizen of Demesne

Physical Appearance

Skin Tone: Dark onyx

Complexion: Clear skin

Eye Color: Ruby

Hair Color and Texture: Ruby red, straight, and sleek.

Height: 5'11"

Body Type: Muscular with broad shoulders, curved waist, wide hips, and a square shape.

Birthmarks: A light brown patch behind her left ear

Scars: Various scars from her time as an Aegis and a few small scars on her hands, arms, and legs from being a pup.

Left-handed/Right-handed/Ambidextrous: Right-Handed

Age Character Appears to Others: Appears as a Dweller nearing her third decade, especially when she scowls.

Dyed Hair Color: None

Usual Hairstyle: Short cropped hair with longer bangs that are parted to the right.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Makeup Style: None.

Clothing Style: Simple and efficient. Wears dark colored linen and leather.

Clothing Size: Large and wide in the hips.

Shoe Style: Doesn't wear shoes because she has hooves, but she does wear leather leg-guards.

Features: Large, almond-shaped eyes, prominent cheekbones, narrow jawline, and full lips.

Face Shape: Heart-Shaped

Distinguishing Feature: Her horns are very thick and turgid.

Physical Strengths: Strong and nimble in sword combat and hand-to-hand combat.

Physical Weakness: Doesn't run very fast.

Personality Traits

Extrovert or Introvert: Introverted

Meyers-Brigg Personality: ISTJ

Optimist or Pessimist: Pessimist

Temperament: Reserved yet willful with a rational outlook on life.

Mood: Bitter

Attitude: Serious and suspicious of new-comers

Strengths: Bluntly honest and dutiful to enforcing order

Flaws: Stubborn and insensitive to the feelings of others

Mannerisms: Has a tendency to stomp around when walking and growl when she is deeply angry.

Habits: Practices swordsmanship with her butterfly swords, and keeps a calculated eye on-and careful distance from-Landon.

Morning Person or Night Owl: Night owl.

Pet Peeves: Dishonesty-especially among her fellow Aegis members- and irresponsible behavior while on the job.

Weaknesses: Sticks to the rules because they are clearly defined and loads herself with extra work and responsibilities within the Aegis.

Strength: Practical and makes effective decisions

Expressiveness: Limited to those she cares about deeply, and only when in a private setting.

Ruled by Heart or Mind: Mind.

Mindset: Determined to seek revenge for the harm brought upon her and others which she believes will bring justice to the world.

Philosophy: Trust no one who has not proven themself to be trustworthy.

Motivated by: Her need for order in the chaos.

Everyday Speech: Common Tongue with Dwellen dialect accent

Life Motto: Nothing less than excellence.

Energy Level: Middling. She plods forward with determination at her own pace.

Memory Level: High. She has her own mental system to analyze and memorize data.

Disabilities: Emotionally stunted (and prone to outbursts) due to personal trauma.

Phobias: Elysian males

Addictions: Case files and overworking herself

Allergies: Blackberries

Daily Occupation

Occupational Goal: to be an invaluable member of the Aegis

Position in Society: female guard of Demesne, the Palisade, and the Rhan/Rhanee.

Works for: The Rhan and the Variance

Education: Taught a high-level of education by High Priestess Farouche

Work Ethic: Loyal, efficient, and cautious.

Income: A twenty pelf a month until the recession when pay was reduced by more than half.

Citizen Class: Soldier. Firstborn of the High Priestess.

Volunteer Work: done for the Variance

Dream Occupation: to lead the Aegis

Job he would do poorly at: Being a scholar

Career Satisfaction: Being able to push herself to her limits and be the best Aegis that she can be.

Food Preferences

Diet: Eats a lot of seeded loafs and whatever staples are served in the Aegis barracks.

Favorite Foods: Anything fried and crispy.

Favorite Drinks: Water and mulled cider

Favorite Things, Hobbies, and Interests

Favorite Book: None

Favorite Place: The Von

Favorite Activities: Working a case or working for the Variance.

Favorite time of day: Evening

Favorite Animal: None

Favorite Hobbies: Training to fight and fighting.

Interests: Work

Happiest when: She does a good job.

Saddest when: She loses someone she cares about.

Loves to: Learn new ways to fight.

Hates to: Delegate something she thinks is her responsibility.

Inspired by: High Priestess Farouche's devotion to her position as the High Priestess

Family and Relationships

Raised by: High Priestess Farouche and father (deceased)

Parent Status: Her mother, High Priestess Farouche, and her father until his death.

Father's Name: Alard Farouche

Mother's Name: Elisheba Farouche

Relationship with Father: Close and congenial

Relationship with Mother: Currently tense but respectful

Parenting Type: Elisheba Farouche loves Lucinda just like her other pups and tried her best to provide for, teach, and guide her.

Only Child: No.

Eldest Child, Middle Child, or Youngest Child: Eldest.

Number of Siblings: Two biological and one adopted

Relationship with Siblings: Tense, aggressive, restrained, and honest.

Extended Family: Grandmother (Fettie).

Family Relations: Generally abrupt exchanges

How has family shaped the character: Helped instill a sense of honesty, loyalty, and responsibility into her daily living.

Most liked about family: Their ability to support each other during harsh times

Most disliked about family: Their seeming ease in brushing off setbacks.

Children: One pup (Lindon)

Pets: None.

Best Friend(s): Deceased.

Worst Enemy(ies): Chief Attendant Bakas and the Rhanee

Many acquaintances or few close friends: A few close friends

Relationship Status: Single.

Marital Status: Widow

First Love: No spoilers

Current Love or Aspiring Love: No spoilers

Notable Ex-Lovers: No spoilers

Top 3 Loved Ones: Deceased husband, Lindon, and her mother.

Top 3 Disliked Ones: Changeable depending on who shirks their duties that day.

Knows the character best: Elisheba Farouche

Childhood/Adolescence: Carefree and happy until the loss of her father.

Religious Beliefs

Upbringing: Conservative values entrenched in the Old Ways

Core Values: Believing in the Old Ways

Morals: Based on following the Old Ways; no other gods before the True One, follow the True One and her Old Ways, modest apparel, no sexual relations before Life-Bonding and no adultery, no lying, no committing murder, no stealing, no coveting, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What does she believe is evil: The Usurper and his followers

What does she believe is good: She doesn't know anymore.

Risks Worth Taking: Being a spy for the Variance and getting revenge.

Goals and Daily Living

Culture: Winged, horned, hooved, and tailed beings with some focused on social class who thrive on extravagance, indulgence, power, and greed. The majority follow Aeonian and her Old Ways. Precious metals and gemstones are used as mere decorations while importance is placed more on food and other materials.

Achievements: Working her way up through the ranks of the Aegis.

Main Goal: to help the Variance bring about political and social change in Demesne and Summit

Minor Goal: to find a few key people and exact her revenge upon them

Failures: No spoilers

Desire: To make the streets of Demesne safe

Biggest Mistakes: No spoilers

Current Obstacles: Not being able to run fast during training due to muscle bulk and the money-fattened officers blocking her promotions in the Aegis.

Any secrets: Many

Worldview: The Usurper causes corruption and chaos, and the Elysians allowed it to spread.

Personal Hero: Aldan Farouche

Internal Conflict: Not being able to express her more tender emotions toward her family.

External Conflict: Figuring out who to trust among the new members of the Variance.

What others generally think of her: That she's a regimented, aggressive, and caustic person.

What she generally thinks of herself: She can always do better and do more.

What she wishes she could change: The past.

What she wishes she could have: Something completely unattainable.

What gets her fired up: Showing mercy and being in close proximity to Elysians.

How will the character change? No spoilers. ;)

Read more about Lucinda in Envoy!

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