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Character: Maewyn Ambire

*Note: This character info-graphic includes a lot of information from Claimed. Some of these things change in Envoy. ;)

Basic Information Name: Maewyn Ambire Nickname: Mae Name Significance: Maewyn "she who descends from a high tower" Ambire "to aspire to" Gender: Female Age: 22 (just past the threshold of her second decade) Location: Ascension inside of the Private Holding in Summit

Birthplace: Hatchery in the Sanatorium Ethnicity: Elysian

Nationality: Citizen of Summit Physical Appearance Skin Tone: pale porcelain

Complexion: Clear skin Eye Color: A bright, vibrant emerald green

Hair Color and Texture: Thick silver hair that is smooth and wavy, falling past her waist

Height: 5'0" Body Type: Lush and curvy, large breasts, and an hour glass figure. Birthmarks: None Scars: None that are visible on the skin. Left-handed/Right-handed/Ambidextrous: Right-handed. Age Character Appears to Others: Appears as an Elysian already past her second decade of life (in her 20's), ripe with youth and beauty. Dyed Hair Color: None Usual Hairstyle: Half-up and half-down with a braided coronet and the rest of her hair set into large curls. Tattoos: None, but was Claimed during the Abeyance and left with a dark swirling pattern on her hands. Piercings: Ears

Makeup Style: She prefers a natural look during the day with swipes of light blush and a coral lip, and a more dramatic look for the evening or for meetings with her family.

Clothing Style: Elaborate. The more lavish, elegant, and daring, the better. Lace, jewels, silks, velvet. She loves it all.

Clothing Size: Small and petite, but with adjustments around her chest and hips.

Shoe Style: Beautiful and dainty slippers.

Features: Large, round eyes, thin eyebrows with high arch, short and delicate nose, high cheekbones, full bow-shaped lips, strong jawline Face Shape: Square Distinguishing Feature: Silver Hair Physical Strengths: Dexterous fingers for playing the harp

Physical Weakness: Flying and walking long distances.

Personality Traits Extrovert or Introvert: Extroverted Meyers-Brigg Personality: ESFP Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist Temperament: Exuberant and vibrant with a flirtatious nature. Aware of her own and others' feelings. Tries to protect those she cares for, unless her own desires become thwarted in the process. Mood: Adventurism Attitude: Outgoing and friendly Strengths: Quickly analyzes the mood in a room or a person's feelings and adapts to the situation. Flaws: Selfish

Mannerisms: Expressive hand gestures while speaking or Story-Weaving Habits: Tosses things around in her room while undressing or searching for something. Morning Person or Night Owl: Night Owl due to her full Revue schedule. Pet Peeves: Following Ascension's dress code and Ari's lack of, and disinterest in, personal style. Weaknesses: Taking others' feelings into consideration when she wants to do something, and a lack of forethought. Strength: Her ability to manipulate others to do what she wants them to. Expressiveness: Open and expressive with everyone, but never lets her guard down. Ruled by Heart or Mind: Heart. Mindset: Bitterly wants to escape the controlling machinations of her family and former mentor by turning the tables on them.

Philosophy: Pay attention to what others' do and don't say, and file that information away to be used later.

Motivated by: Her desire to be free from anyone else's control.

Everyday Speech: Common Tongue with Elysian dialect accent

Life Motto: Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest - with all the comforts and pleasures it provides. Energy Level: High Memory Level: Excellent. She has to memorize plays for her Story-Weaving. Disabilities: None

Phobias: Being near her former mentor.

Addictions: Shopping and fashion

Allergies: None known

Daily Occupation

Occupational Goal: To step out of the shadow of the title "Second Born Story-Weaver", and to gain more power than her family. Position in Society: A Totality Claimed Caelum in Ascension Works for: Ascension and the Ambire family Education: Excellent education with private tutors. Work Ethic: Diligent, efficient, and detail-oriented

Income: A sachet full of dosh for each Revue assigned to and/or accepted by her. Citizen Class: Merchant Class. Inner Holding family in Summit. Volunteer Work: None Dream Occupation: Most famous Revue Caelum of her time Job she would do poorly at: Maintenance positions for Caelum. She bores too easily. Career Satisfaction: Being renowned for her rare Talent.

Food Preferences Diet: Small portions of meat, vegetables, and fruits with some grains. Eats a lot of soups and salads. Favorite Foods: Warm, sweet breads and tangy cheese (not together). Favorite Drinks: Strongly steeped pekoe and wine.

Favorite Things, Hobbies, and Interests Favorite Book: The Most Romantic and Notable Lovers Through Elysian History, with artistic renditions Favorite Place: Castia's new shop, Colour Favorite Activities: Flirting and shopping Favorite time of day: Night Favorite Animal: None, they are meant to be eaten, and pets require too much care. Favorite Hobbies: Enjoys shopping for the latest fashion trends, practicing her Talent for Revues, and using her wiles on men.

Interests: Anything that will give her an edge over her family.

Happiest when: She is the center of attention and doesn't have an assignment from her family.

Saddest when: She sees the hope in Ari's eyes that the world could be better.

Loves to: Receive presents from male admirers. Hates to: Visit her family's dais.

Inspired by: Ari's faithfulness and trust that doing the right thing will turn out well.

Family and Relationships Raised by: Her father and mother Parent Status: Life-Bonded and Merchant Class; they strive for positions on the Aerial Council Father's Name: Bastian Ambire Mother's Name: Premine Ambire Relationship with Father: Full of resentment, fear, and bitterness. Relationship with Mother: Rife with disappointment and calculation. Parenting Type: Cold and distant, their fledglings are tools to be used to further the Ambire family's ambitions. The fledglings receive the best of everything, but are expected to obey the head of the family without question. Only Child: No. Eldest Child, Middle Child, or Youngest Child: Eldest child. Number of Siblings: Four. Relationship with Siblings: Distant/Non-existent Extended Family: Varied through arranged Life-Bonded matches to further their monetary and political goals. Family Relations: Subdued, compliant, and strained. How has family shaped the character: Created a never-ending thirst for freedom, luxury, and a disregard for anything that didn't meet or suit her own needs and wants. Also shaped the insatiable need for validation and attention from others through whatever means necessary. Believes in and yearns for love, but isn't certain she's worthy of it - or if it will serve her goals. Most liked about family: Nothing Most disliked about her family: How conniving they are. Children: One Pets: None Best Friend(s): Ari Laurel Worst Enemy(ies): Parents, Caelum Pearl, and Caelum Greerson Many acquaintances or few close friends: Many acquaintances Relationship Status: Mate-Bonded to several men. Marital Status: An arranged Life-Bond First Love: Maybe Niles Marcher. Current Love or Aspiring Love: Niles, Davin, High Lord Bera, Heir Talon, and Drakon. Notable Ex-Lovers: He Who Must Not be Named Top 3 Loved Ones: Castia, Ari, and Niles Top 3 Disliked Ones: Father, Mother, and Greerson Knows the character best: Greerson Childhood/Adolescence: Grew up under the strict tutelage of her mother and father learning how to manipulate others and use information to the benefit of the Ambire family.

Religious Beliefs

Upbringing: Follow Aeolus, the Usurper, and frequently give dosh to the Temple so the Aerial Prelate and his Prelates would have their palms greased for favors. However, she doesn't personally believe a god or goddess exists, but just in case it might change something in her life, sometimes she says a prayer to Aeolus. Core Values: Live to advance in society and indulge yourself in life's pleasures. Morals: Try not to kill anyone. What does she believe is evil: People using others for their own gain. What does she believe is good: She doesn't believe good exists. Risks Worth Taking: Saving herself

Goals and Daily Living Culture: Winged beings focused on social class who thrive on extravagance, indulgence, power, and greed. Achievements: being the Second Born Story-Weaver in a century.

Main Goal: to free herself from her family and Greerson and their machinations for her life.

Minor Goal: keep her friendship with Ari Failures: Achieving her goals Desire: To live the life she wants to live without anyone telling her what to do.

Biggest Mistakes: Thinking she can escape

Current Obstacles: Not paying attention to the web of deceit woven around her

Any secrets: That everything she does is either for her family or for herself

Worldview: The world will never get better, so no one should be completely trusted. They all lie and have secrets.

Personal Hero: Herself Internal Conflict: Yearning for love but uncertain it actually exists. External Conflict: Trying to maintain a friendship with someone who has opposite beliefs from her.

What others generally think of her: She is a beautiful woman desired by many men, and a pawn to be used at will if possible. What she generally thinks of herself: That she is a kind and likeable person, and her beauty is a tool to be used to achieve her own goals, not someone else's.

What she wishes she could change: The family she was hatched into. What she wishes she could have: The love of a good man, the admiration of the citizens of Summit, and a rich lifestyle.

What gets her fired up: Being told "no".

How will the character change? She will mature and grow emotionally, becoming more aware of herself and her choices.

Read more about Maewyn in Claimed and Envoy!

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