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My Trouble with Maewyn

Ah, Maewyn. This excerpt of her meeting with Davin characterizes her pretty well. She is a profligate flirt, and she wants to lose control. At times, that seems like the only way for her to actually gain control of a life she feels isn't hers. This encounter is one of many instances throughout the novel where she has an internal conflict that drives her actions in some way.

Some Readers might be surprised by this, but I don't particularly enjoy writing Maewyn's character due to her flirty and seductive ways. Lol! It is completely opposite of how I am in real life, so there are times when I struggle both with how to portray her actions and the fact that she is doing them.

Maewyn has been taught by her mother that love isn't just a luxury - it's something that only fools indulge in. It's her mother's attempt to keep Maewyn in line with the plans her family has, but it's also something that Premine Ambire believes. Emotion creates fools, and fools have weaknesses. Neither grant the power the Ambire family craves.

When I created Maewyn, I really wanted to give her reasons other than "just because" for her behavior. So, creating a traumatic past and a toxic family were a part of her character development. While they are unfortunate events, I like that they drive her to overcome them and become a stronger person.

There is an entire backstory in this one sentence that isn't revealed in Claimed. While Maewyn's past is hinted at, and the reader can guess what ensued with Greerson, there is no clarification as to what happened between them. However, Maewyn's past and present interactions with Greerson become the driving force for many of her haphazard decisions as the plot progresses. The freedom that she craves from her family quickly becomes tainted with her manipulative attempts to gain Ari's cooperation in her schemes.

So, here is an interesting snippet that other Readers who do not follow me on here will not be privy to: some of Maewyn's character traits are inspired by a real person. Although, the reasons for Maewyn's actions differ. Knowing this, what do you think of her character now?

Which excerpts from Claimed do you think best characterize or describe Maewyn's character throughout the novel? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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