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Quiz: What Color Are Your Wings?

In Summit, Elysians are born with pure white wings that they like to dye for social functions, festivals, and special occasions. In Demesne, Dwellers are born with colored wings that they rarely bother to change the color of. If you had wings, what color would your feathers be? Take the quiz below to find out!

1. What's your personality like?

A. Firecracker! Don't rile me up.

B. Fun-loving. I love to laugh.

C. Serene. Calm and cool under pressure.

D. Compassionate. Caring for others is joyful.

2. Which type of feathers would you prefer?

A. Colored feathers only.

B. Colored feathers I can dye for an ombre look.

C. White feathers I can dye any color.

D. White feathers only for a simple look.

3. Where would you prefer to live?

A. On the shifting sands full of warmth and sunshine.

B. Up near the sky where it's bright and refreshing.

C. Underground where it's dark and cool.

D. In a forest hidey-hole among animals and trees.

4. How many feathers would you dye on your wings?

A. All of them.

B. Half of them.

C. Just a few.

D. None of them.

5. Which animal would you like as a pet?

A. Fox

B. Tiger

C. Owl

D. Bat

6. What is always in your bag?

A. Pens

B. A Book

C. First Aide Kit

D. Makeup

7. How often would you care for your wings?

A. None. Someone else can do it.

B. They need care?

C. Only as needed.

D. Every day!

8. Do you like parties?

A. Yes!

B. Sometimes...

C. Nope.

D. I don't know.

Alright, time to calculate your score, and get your results!

Scoring! If you got:

Mostly A's, click here.

Mostly B's, click here.

Mostly C's, click here.

Mostly D's, click here.



Your Wings are Red!

The color red is associated with being:

Passionate, Active, Exciting, Bold Energy, Youthful, Physical, Pioneering, Leader, Willpower, Confidence, Ambition, and Power.

Don't think these are your wings?

Feel free to take the quiz again!


Your Wings Are Blue!

The color blue is associated with being:

Of Spirit, Perspective, Content, Control, Rescue, Determination, Self-Sufficient, Modern Goals, Aware, Purpose, Open, and Ambition.

Don't think these are your wings?

Feel free to take the quiz again!


Your Wings Are Orange!

The color orange is associated with being:

Optimistic, Instinctual, Warmth, Gut Reaction, Spontaneity, Extrovert, Sociable, Freedom, Impulse, and Motivation.

Don't think these are your wings?

Feel free to take the quiz again!


Your Wings Are Pink!

The color pink is associated with being:

Loving, Calm, Respect, Warmth, Long-term, Intuitive Care, Feminine, Assertive, Sensitive, Nurture, Possibilities, and Unconditional.

Don't think these are your wings?

Feel free to take the quiz again!

Want to read more about winged beings? Find them in the first two books of the Land of Schism series: Claimed and Envoy !

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