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Quiz: What's Your Book Flavor?

There are so many book worlds contained within each cover! I'm sure many of you lovely readers know which book genre you like, but do you know what your Book Flavor is? Take the quiz below to find out!

1. Which genre do you prefer to read?

A. Fantasy because it's in another world

B. Mystery because there are layers to uncover

C. Sci-Fi because it isn't always even on a world

D. Romance because love is a beautiful thing

2. What's your favorite season?

A. Spring

B. Summer

C. Fall

D. Winter

3. How many scoops of ice cream do you get?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

4. Which color do you like the most on a book cover?

A. Blue

B. Green

C. Red

D. Purple

5. What's your preferred series length?

A. Stand-alone because I like my books short and sweet.

B. Duology because I only need two books to know what's going on.

C. Trilogy is better because you get extra exploration.

D. Longer is the way to go to get a feel for the world.

6. Do you snack while reading?

A. Maybe, who wants to know?

B. Sometimes, if the conditions are right...

C. No, crumbs get everywhere!

D. Always, and it includes sweets.

7. What's you favorite dessert?

A. Fruit with whipped cream on top.

B. Brownies that ooze chocolate.

C. Deep-fried oreos with a but of crisp.

D. Pierogi with a sweet filling.

8. What do you read first in a new book?

A. Synopsis

B. First Chapter

C. Middle of the book

D. Last Chapter

Alright, time to calculate your score, and get your results!

Scoring! If you got:

Mostly A's, click here.

Mostly B's, click here.

Mostly C's, click here.

Mostly D's, click here.



Your Book Flavor is Tangy!

Tangy readers love books that have layers they can peel into, and its better if there are citrus bursts with a tart twist! Every layer presents itself in a different way, but each book you read has to contain a plot full of secrets. You like books that keep your mind engaged and working to figure out what's going on, so the more unexpected the plot twist is the better. Your main genre of interest is mysteries, but you'll read other genres if they can keep you guessing.


Your Book Flavor is Spicey!

Spicey readers love books that are varied and flavorful, providing stories with lots of zing! Each new book contains a powerful mix of elements, leaving your appetite whetted for epic proportions. You like books that explore a range of colorful characters and kingdoms because they fascinate your mind by delving into legendary realms. Your main genre of interest is fantasy, but you'll read other genres if they can can take you on a quest or zap you with their magic.


Your Book Flavor is Chocolatey!

Chocolatey readers love books that are smooth and decadent with contrasting ups and downs! Every chapter is full of memorable characters and imagery that get sweeter with every page. You like books that build up that sugary, happy feeling inside of you as you devour each chapter, so you expect a happy ending. Your main genre of interest is romance, but you're open to other genres as long as someone falls in love.


Your Book Flavor is Nutty!

Nutty readers love crunchy and robust books that are a unique mix of realism and "what if "! When reading through chapters there can be a tough outer layer before the soft inner part is exposed on the page. These unexpected bumps cause your mind to grasp onto the swirl of possibilities contained within each because the structure is carefully built around a universe that isn't like our own. You like books that explore the unknown, so the more robust the series the better. Your main genre of interest is science fiction, but you'll read other genres if they take you out of this world.

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