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Quiz: Which Main Character Are You?

Discover which thrilling main character you are from the first book in the Land of Schism series, Claimed!

1. First things first, have you read Claimed?

A. Yes! Let's move on to which character I am!

B. No. Skies, I haven't been properly Claimed...

C. Um, well, I started it, but I haven't finished it.

D. *Covers Eyes* I'm just here for the quiz. He he.

2. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. I make plans for all the things I'm going to do with my life!

B. Hanging out with friends is the obvious answer. Who am I without them?

C. I delve into into unknown worlds by picking up a book.

D. Um, go shopping! I need a new wardrobe this season!

3. Are you fashionable?

A. Fashion? What's that? People should love me regardless of how I look.

B. I put the "able" in fashion-able. As in, I'm able to get in anywhere with my style.

C. I'm kind of middle of the road. I own a few good pieces, and the rest is mediocre.

D. I can put together outfits for others, but I'm lost when it comes to my own style.

4. Which type of guy are you most likely to swoon over?

A. The good guy. He listens to me, makes me laugh, and is always there.

B. The bad boy. I know I shouldn't be with him, but he makes me feel so naughty.

C. The serious guy. His eyes seem like they stare into my soul, and he makes my heart race.

D. The mysterious guy. I can't get a handle on him. He's so distant and cold, but I know he cares...deep down.

5. If you had wings, what would you do with them?

A. Decorate them! They'd be the most beautiful wings anyone has seen!

B. Try not to hit people with them--much.

C. Fly, baby! These wings were built for speed!

D. Proudly display them as they are.

6. You have to wear a uniform. What do you do to it?

A. Nothing. Plain Jane is fine by me. The uniform serves a function.

B. Definitely add my own style! There must be some way to get around those pesky rules!

C. I don't want to break any rules that might get me kicked out. I'll play it safe and wear it as I'm supposed to.

D. Throw on accessories to jazz it up! *Thinks* How short can the hem be?

7. You've been betrayed. What do you do?

A. Never ever trust that person again.

B. Get revenge! It's the only way to go--and to get even.

C. Sulk and feel bitter while trying to figure out what to do.

D. Plot and scheme how to make them feel the same pain I do.

Alright, time to calculate your score, and get your results!

Scoring! If you got:

Mostly A's, click here.

Mostly B's, click here.

Mostly C's, click here.

Mostly D's, click here.


You're Maewyn Ambire!

You love to try new experiences--even if they get you into trouble. Always ready to climb out of the window, or to fly to the next event (where you're guaranteed to be the star), you love the attention you receive. While you don't want to hurt anybody, you want to live life by your own rules. People are drawn to your charisma and beauty, and those have brought you great success. Yet, you yearn for more. Life in the spotlight has been great, but there are shadows beyond it. You need a guy who can love you as you are--no strings attached. So far, only one man has truly caught your interest, and settling down is appealing but it isn't really your style.

You're Ari Laurel!

You know the fastest route to the library, where each section is, and the librarian knows you by name. Life in the fast lane isn't for you, but you love challenging yourself in different ways. Flying? You're the best at it, but you're not one to brag. Others often overshadow you because of this, but you're used to being in the background. Sometimes, it's the safest place to be--even when it hurts. Rules are there for a good reason, and you cautiously think things through before making decisions. You have enough trouble in your life without seeking out more, and secrets you don't want to share. Unless it's with that certain guy who makes your heart flutter...

Read about Ari and Maewyn in Claimed and Envoy!

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