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Spring Giveaway: 2021

Woot Woot! Pull the confetti poppers!! The first official Nicole Adamz Writes giveaway has arrived!

So, I bet you want to know what the giveaway prize is. Well, scroll on, reader! :D





I decided to do a spring themed giveaway box this month that includes a bunch of different goodies all related to the hardcover book on display! For those of you who haven't read To Best the Boys, it is a clean, young adult fantasy fiction book where the main character wants to be a female scientist (nope! that wasn't a spoiler). In honor of this part of the book's premise, I've included a few science-y items for you. Especially during bath time; you will become a bath time alchemist! :D


  • Hardcover copy of To Best the Boys by Mary Weber with maze painted edges!

  • Aofmee 7 bath bomb package with the following scents:

    • Refresh (Fresh Mint)

    • Soothing (Vanilla)

    • Revive (Green Tea)

    • Relax (Chamomile)

    • Rejuvenate (Natural Ocean)

    • Restore (Purple Lavender)

    • Romance (Red Rose)

  • A set of 5 test tubes with cork stoppers filled with scented bath beads and lavender/chamomile scented epsom salts and wooden stand .

  • A genuine leather, handcrafted and stitched, mouse shaped coin purse (the tail can be used as a wristlet or to hang on a belt, bag, or purse!)


  • If you are a newsletter subscriber, simply respond to the newsletter announcement about the giveaway letting me know you want to enter with something as simple as "I'm in!"

  • OR, as a newsletter subscriber, comment on this post

  • And heart this page at the bottom <3


  • Share this giveaway with family and friends to earn extra entries! Simply include the special link below in either in social media or an email in order for them to find the giveaway entry page. They won't be able to sign up otherwise.

GOOD LUCK, READER! I hope you win. :)

This giveaway is open to all newsletter subscribers and anyone who signed up for the giveaway via the special link!**


*Giveaway does not include the brown leather journal or magnifying glass. My apologies! I needed something to prop up the book. Why are these items not included? Because the brown leather journal is a handcrafted item my husband made me while we were dating, and the magnifying glass is not mine. :)

** This giveaway is currently open to US participants only. I apologize to international newsletter subscribers, but due to shipping fees and covid restrictions, I will not be able to send anything outside of the US. Maybe next time! :)

Giveaway ends soon. 18 and over only. US only. Not a paid partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement. Winner will be selected and announced in the next newsletter.



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