Sweet Nip's Adventure: A Short Story

Adventure is Out There!

Sweet Nip ducked her head, peering up at the large human from a gap underneath a counter in the kitchen. Humans were so silly. They never looked down unless something got their attention - like a wild animal they liked to tame and call "pets". Luckily, this Human had no wild animals. Human lack of awareness, especially in the morning, helped Gnomes traipse around their houses and yards undetected.

Pushing back a pointed blue hat that matched her tunic and pants, Sweet Nip sucked on her bottom lip as she waited for the female Human in a pink fuzzy robe to open the upper cabinet that held Human magik. It was inferior to other types of magik, but Sweet Nip had a particular fondness for the dark brown potion brewed every morning because of one particular ingredient: Lucent Crystals. Sweet Nip was certain the white, powdery substance originated from the Land of Nectar and Honey, where Magik Folk often gathered when they weren't in the Human world.

The female Human rummaged in the grey cabinet that hovered high above Sweet Nip like a thundercloud. Sweet Nip inhaled, her heart throbbing as a metal canister and a covered, glass bowl were placed on the counter. Today, she would get some of the treasured Lucent Crystals. If possible, Sweet Nip would get a few extra for Dark Knot, her shadow-topped and sensitive best friend. Dark Knot understood Sweet Nips longing for the crystalline Human substance, even if the other kitchen Gnomes did not.

Sifting dark grains out of the canister, the female Human spooned some into a tiny plastic cup the exact size of Sweet Nip before placing it into a magikal contraption. The Human placed a mug beneath the half-hearted invention and turned, rubbing her face with both hands as she yawned and walked away. Sweet Nip's spirit jerked excitedly at the initial, loud whirring that occurred before a splash of liquid hit the mug.

Faster than any Gnome could say "Leprechauns are Broke!", Sweet Nip dashed across the floor, jumped for a drawer handle, and swung herself onto the counter. Breathing in, Sweet Nip filled her lungs with the bitter and sweet scents of the elixir Humans called Kawa. Drool pooled in Sweet Nip's mouth, and she swallowed.

If Sweet Nip could use her Gnomish magik to float the glass bowl of Lucent Crystals out of the cupboard every day, she would. Unfortunately, as was the case with most magik, a strong desire for something created endless loops and gaps in the stringy substance. Dark Knot said it was because truly wanting something meant you had to work for it, and Sweet Nip knew it was true. Every time she had tried to magik the cabinet door open and float the glass bowl of Lucent Crystals down, something had gone wrong.

First, all of the cabinets had opened and slammed shut - not just the one she wanted. The female Human had thought there was a Splintered Spirit in her home for a while. Which wasn't complete nonsense, but Sweet Nip wouldn't live with a Haunted Human.

Second, the glass bowl had shot out of the cabinet it was in and landed, with perfect precision, in another upper cabinet that had spontaneously opened. Sweet Nip had tried multiple times to float the Lucent Crystals closer to her home beneath the lower cabinets with this method, but to no avail. The Human had thought she was constantly misplacing the bowl and losing her mind.

Third, the time Sweet Nip had thought she would be clever and magik the bowl to spill its contents after the Human had taken it out of the cabinet had been the worst episode. The round bellied container had, as desired, tumbled over. Sweet Nip had gleefully zoomed around the kitchen floor trying to collect the Lucent Crystals, but they had shifted away from her, like sand in the wind. One step, they slithered away. Two steps, the blew away. A hop, they split sides. A jump, they blasted across the floor. Every. Single. Time.

Oh yes, Sweet Nip was woefully aware of the power of desire and the use of magik. It was an icksy, tricksy business indeed. So, she settled on hard work. Sweet Nip didn't always have time to get any Lucent Crystals before the female Human shed her fuzzy robe and returned in prim-proper-stuffy work clothes. Keeping her half-pointed ears perked, Sweet Nip shoved her weight against the white bowl's lid.

It reluctantly scraped open, revealing a sea of white powder that made Sweet Nip's nose delightfully twitch. Opening the small sack tied to her waist, Sweet Nip jumped into the bowl and grabbed one of the Lucent Crystals. It fit perfectly in her hand. Sweet Nip shoved it into her mouth and shuddered with pleasure. The tingly sensation was similar to catching lightning but without the side effects.

Carefully placing two snow-white crystals into her bag, Sweet Nip shoved another lump into her mouth. Then another one. Sweet Nip tingled all-over now, and she wondered if she would start seeing fabled house-sprites if she kept eating. Sighing, Sweet Nip had decided to climb out of the bowl before the Human returned when she heard a faint jingle.

Sweet Nip froze, and all traces of euphoria slowly drained from her face. She knew that sound, but she had never heard it in the female Human's home. Magic Folk had many warnings about the horrors that accompanied the sound of a bell. Swallowing past the knot in her throat, Sweet Nip cautiously peered over the edge of the bowl and met a pair of yellow-green eyes buried in tufted, furry face. Gasping, she ducked back into the bowl. The Human she lived with had brought home a wild-animal!

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