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The Best Genre for Fall

As traces of summer linger in the storm-soaked earth, humid haze, and raucous chitter of cicadas, my thoughts have slowly turned to fall. While I love the varying shades of green that dapple the landscape, my wistful nostalgia for cooler temperatures is helped along by a scent currently wafting in stores that I will always associate with home and hearth: cinnamon.

This has prompted a desire to read cozy and light-hearted books with a dash of intrigue. Yes, for me fall is the best season to read cozy mysteries in! There is just something about mentally traipsing around as an amateur sleuth in the fall that brings back fond recollections of Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew.

What about you, readers? Which genre do you prefer to read in the fall? Place your vote in the poll below and let others know which genre should be the champ among readers this autumn season (popular answer revealed after voting)!

The Best Reading Genre for Fall

  • Science Fiction! Space exploration and tech are better.

  • Romance. <3 Love and cuddles in the cold.

  • Cozy mystery. A little murder and mayhem among the leaves.

  • Fantasy! Who cares about fall? Different realms, please!

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