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Acclaim for Claimed!

Claimed Around the Web

The world wide web is a large place, and there are several nooks and crannies of this virtual plane that can go unnoticed. There are many web pages where wonderful books can be discovered, and Claimed has been lucky enough to be featured on some of these!

The wonderful readers of these websites have been gracious enough to provide their time to authors and other readers by reading and reviewing books. Below, you will see where Claimed has been fortunate to be featured on some of these websites.

📚 Indies Today had this to say about Claimed:

"Summit is a grand city that caters to its winged residents. For Maewyn, a gifted Story Weaver, having a rare talent and matchless beauty are not fulfilling enough. She wants it all! Or rather, her family wants it all: money, prestige and influence. Her harsh and unforgiving family are pushing Maewyn into an alliance that she does not welcome. Her servant and friend, Ari, is the opposite of Maewyn in almost every way. She is not beautiful, has no sense of style and even worships a forbidden god! Ari’s latent talent has yet to manifest, and she is racing against time to buy freedom for a loved one. As Ari and Maewyn reach forward in their separate goals, will their friendship be compromised?

Imagine heading to the market by diving off your balcony or shopping for new clothes in a boutique high off the ground with no steps leading to it! The imagery in Claimed is inspired. The story within its pages is about so much more than the characters’ ability to fly. There are sinister protagonists, manipulating family members, heroic friends, and delicious rivalries. Claimed packs all the fun of a fairy tale into a brilliantly layered dark fantasy!" 💕

You can read this review here:

📚 The Unicorn Writer, home of fellow author Kayla E. Green, had this to say about Claimed:

"I enjoyed the detailed fantasy world that Adamz creates...Adamz does an eloquent job of character and plot development through her style of writing. I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next with both Ari and Maewyn. I’m excited to read book 2 to see how the story continues to unfold." 😆

Kayla has also been kind enough to read and review my Iron Lotus series! You can read the review for these here:

📚 At The Lily Cafe, Kat read and reviewed Claimed and had this to say:

"This world is incredible and different. There are so many layers to it and how it operates and is structured. Every part of it works well together like a cog in a well-oiled wheel. I adored every aspect of it and can’t wait to explore more of it in the rest of the series. Claimed beautifully sets up the overarching story and never gets lost in the little details than can so easily overtake a story of the magnitude it hints at being...The Land of Schism promises to be an incredible epic fantasy.

(Ari) was so strong in my mind that, whenever I stopped reading I thought I couldn’t speak as well and was always confused about whether to answer someone or not." 😶

📚 Kathryn from The Pantser's Review, and another fellow author, had this to say about Claimed:

"The characters are so real and three dimensional. Every move they make, whether good or bad, is perfectly derived from a fully-fleshed mixture of personality, circumstances, and motivations. Even the minor characters, for the most part, are very well developed.

The world-building is complete and layered, both physically and culturally. There is just enough explanation and just enough mystery. The setting—and this is something I just don’t see enough—is a character in its own right, interacting with the cast and dictating their limit of choices.

What Nicole Adamz does really, really well is character and plot development. Boy, is this story twisty. The suspense doesn’t let up for a second—every page and paragraph is full of stakes which climb and climb. Every person and every class of people is given a background, a goal, and a distinct moral set. Every act of the main characters, big or small, right or wrong, is fully sympathetic and understandable. You want to just cry out and beg sometimes for a character to not do a thing, to not fall into the trap—but deep inside, it scares you a little to know that if you were in such a position, you might respond exactly the same." 😲⁠

I hope you enjoyed reading these snippets about Claimed that are around the web! If you know of any other websites where my book has been reviewed, please let me know in the comments below! I would like to be able to recognize all of the reviewers and their websites. 💌💕

P.S. I would like to add a big "Thank you!" to these website owners and all of the readers who have taken the time to leave a review.💕 For those who don't know, reviews on websites like Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc help support authors - while helping other readers - and it is an important part of the relationship between authors and their readers. We don't know what you love (or hate) if you don't let tell us. So, please let your voice be heard by leaving reviews for the books that you read! :)

Haven't read Claimed yet but want to? Read The Land of Schism series here: Claimed and Envoy!

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