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Mini Game: Kawaii Home Design

If you've read my About Me section, then you know that I play video games! I've played console, PC, and also app games consistently throughout my life. It is a past time that I enjoy and indulge in occasionally, but as I grow older I don't play them as often as I used to. It is a bittersweet parting, but also one where I am headed toward a different season in life.

Saying that, one of the app games that I used to play is called Kawaii Home Design! For anyone who loves cute things, chibis, designing and organizing, this is an app game that you should consider! Below are a few screen shots of my favorite designs that I created while playing this app game (except for one image). And my personal design room was the design at the very bottom of this post. :)

These are my absolute favorite designs that I ever achieved in this game, but believe me when I say there were masters at designing on here! I only ranked in the top 10 voted designs a handful of times, and when I looked at other designs I was always blown away with how creative and unique people were with what they used and how they arranged things!

This series of screenshots includes my first ever top voted design in it! Can you guess which one it is? :D

Look at that cute little garden library! Don't you just want to visit and grab a book in a little nook? <3

And this is the series of screenshots that has the one image that doesn't belong to me. Okay, I'm sure you can guess which one it is. Yup! The Doraemon/Doremon blue cat face which is popular in Japan and China. From what I gather, this little "fat blue cat" (as it is described) can make wishes come true. This user designed their entire personal show room to look like the Doraemon face using bath brushes, bath soaps, throw rugs, pillows, and frying pans. How cool and creative is that?! :D

And this is the design I created and used for my personal show room where my little chibi avatar lived! I loved this design, and I think it would be so cool to be in a room that looked like this, don't you?! :D

Feel free to leave a comment below letting me know which design you like the best and if you have played this app game! Like the photos, but don't want to comment? No problem, but don't forget to click that heart button! <3


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