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Chibi Character: Willow Laurel

Cool and aloof, Willow Laurel is Summit's premiere (and only) female Healer. After her mother died, Willow realized that she had a knack for the Healing Arts. More often than not, Willow would silently bandage Zora's wounds, care for Ari's bruises, and make tonics for her father. Unwilling to settle for being an Aide at the Sanatorium, Willow forged her own path with a will of steel that no male Elysian could break.

No one but Willow knows how she managed to finally break the ranks of the male Healers in Summit. Despite efforts to keep Healer Willow out of certain parts of the Sanatorium and Hatchery, Willow soon learned of the dark secret lurking within the building. After learning the truth, no one could have predicted what Willow would do next. Except, perhaps, the woman who raised her.

If you're interested in finding out more about Healer Willow, you can find her among the pages of Claimed and Envoy.

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