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Character: Willow Laurel

*Note: This character info-graphic includes a lot of information from Claimed and Envoy. Some of these things change as the story progresses. ;)

Basic Information Name: Willow Laurel Nickname: None Name Significance: Willow "gracefully slender and lithe" Laurel "to honor with marks of distinction" Gender: Female Age: 28 (close to her third decade) Location: Sanatorium inside of the Private Holding in Summit

Birthplace: Hatchery in the Sanatorium Ethnicity: Elysian

Nationality: Citizen of Summit Physical Appearance Skin Tone: light/medium beige with olive undertones

Complexion: Clear skin Eye Color: A deep navy blue

Hair Color and Texture: Straight ebony hair that is thick with a silky texture.

Height: 5'4" Body Type: Lean and slender with curves, medium breasts, and an hourglass shape. Birthmarks: None Scars: None physically Left-handed/Right-handed/Ambidextrous: Left-handed Age Character Appears to Others: Appears as an Elysian barely past her second decade of life, not as someone who is almost in her third decade. Dyed Hair Color: None Usual Hairstyle: Simple hanging sleekly down her back with a few small, decorated braids throughout. During her free time it is pulled back into one large messy braid. Tattoos: None Piercings: Ears

Makeup Style: In public, she wears either dramatic eye or lip makeup (never both), and during her free time she wears none.

Clothing Style: Elegant and simple. She wears the designated Healer's uniform while working, but chooses elegant and rich clothes that are simple and efficient for public appearances with minimal jewelry and the Healer's circlet. Sometimes during her free time she chooses to wear nondescript, simple, and neat clothing (that still looks elegant on her).

Clothing Size: Small.

Shoe Style: Slippers and a secret pair of sturdy leather slippers

Features: Almond-shaped eyes, slender eyebrows with high arch, short nose, high cheekbones, full lips, defined jawline Face Shape: Oval Distinguishing Feature: Full lips Physical Strengths: Ability to move patients twice her size a few feet when needed.

Physical Weakness: Relies too heavily on drought restoratives during times of extreme exhaustion.

Personality Traits

Extrovert or Introvert: Extroverted Meyers-Brigg Personality: ESTJ Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist Temperament: Calm, collected, and practical with an arrogant air due to her analytical mind. Concerned with achieving her goals and efficiency. Protective of, and loyal to, loved ones. Loved ones occasionally see her sentimental side. Mood: Focused Attitude: Arrogant but precise Strengths: Strong-willed and an excellent organizer. Flaws: Inflexible and stubborn

Mannerisms: Quiet, controlled, and authoritative. Habits: Vigorously studies medical tomes, and creates notes on improvements and potential new discoveries. Morning Person or Night Owl: Night owl. There are less people around to bother her. Pet Peeves: Being lied to, not having all pertinent data to a situation, and other people assuming they know more than her. Weaknesses: Expressing her softer emotions. Strength: Reliable and enjoys creating order out of chaos. Expressiveness: Mingles well with others, but is not afraid to voice contrary opinions - unless they will get her killed. Ruled by Heart or Mind: Mind. Mindset: Nothing will keep her from achieving her goals. Not society's rules, and not its laws.

Philosophy: Reestablishing the True One and the Old Ways in Summit will lead to a more just society.

Motivated by: Her goal to expose the truth and help others.

Everyday Speech: Common Tongue with Elysian dialect accent, but recognizes some Ancient Elysian words.

Life Motto: Helping others is what the True One created her to do. Energy Level: Steady with times of low energy due to Sanatorium duties - and secret activities. Memory Level: Excellent. Disabilities: None

Phobias: Failing.

Addictions: Taking too many restorative droughts during busy times.

Allergies: None known

Daily Occupation

Occupational Goal: Achieved. She is the first recorded female Healer in Summit. Position in Society: As the oldest daughter of a former Ward General, she has a high status due to her unusual position as a Healer. Works for: Sanatorium Education: Taught by a private tutor until she outpaced them in knowledge, then self-taught until she took the exams to become a Healer. Work Ethic: Efficient, reliable, and organized

Income: Earns one hundred bars of dosh per month for her work and contribution to the Sanatorium. Citizen Class: Former Military. Ward General's oldest daughter. Outer Holding family in Summit. Now ranked as a Healer in the Private Holding. Volunteer Work: None reported or recorded - for a reason. Dream Occupation: Head Healer. Job she would do poorly at: Warder. Career Satisfaction: Discovering new ways to help others via new medical discoveries.

Food Preferences

Diet: Eats whatever is available at the time. Not picky. Favorite Foods: Sweet breads. Favorite Drinks: Pekoe, wine, and her own private restorative

drought concoction.

Favorite Things, Hobbies, and Interests Favorite Book: Ancient Medicinal Discoveries Favorite Place: In her assigned room at the Sanatorium, sitting at her desk with a steaming cup of pekoe. Favorite Activities: Healing others or helping them in some way. Favorite time of day: Night Favorite Animal: Owls Favorite Hobbies: Creating new medical remedies and applying them on patients.

Interests: Achieving her goals and studying.

Happiest when: She has efficiently cared for a room of patients, organized the chaos around a trauma patient, and her newest medicine succeeds in its purpose.

Saddest when: She sees an Elysian woman giving birth in the Hatchery.

Loves to: Study and concoct new medicines to try. Hates to: Keep secrets from those she cares about.

Inspired by: The True One's Old Ways

Family and Relationships

Raised by: Her family Anomaly, Zora, and her father. Has vague memories of her mother and older sibling. Parent Status: Father is a widower. Mother is deceased. Father's Name: Varen Laurel Mother's Name: Mora Laurel Relationship with Father: He is proud of her, but she feels pity for him mixed with judgement over his treatment of Zora. Relationship with Mother: None Parenting Type: Zora cared for Willow. Her father provided as many tutors as he could afford, but was not actively involved in her development. Only Child: No. Eldest Child, Middle Child, or Youngest Child: Middle child. Number of Siblings: Two - on record - but one has been missing for years. Relationship with Siblings: Affable Extended Family: None known. Known members are deceased. Family Relations: Distant How has family shaped the character: Created a need to help others and to achieve her goals despite obstacles. Most liked about family: Zora's ability to see and express the truth. Most disliked about her family: The hidden lies. Children: None Pets: None Best Friend(s): Gladys Skarp and Ciara Xha Worst Enemy(ies): High Lord Bera, High Families, Aerial Prelate Ragnor Many acquaintances or few close friends: A few close friends Relationship Status: Single. Not Mate-Bonded. Marital Status: Not Life-Bonded First Love: None. Current Love or Aspiring Love: None (yet). Notable Ex-Lovers: None Top 3 Loved Ones: Zora, Ari, Ciara Top 3 Disliked Ones: High Lord Bera, Heir Talon, and Aerial Prelate Ragnor Knows the character best: Ciara Childhood/Adolescence: Spent diligently studying to achieve her career goals.

Religious Beliefs

Upbringing: Conservative values entrenched in the Old Ways Core Values: Believing in the True One and her Old Ways Morals: Based on following the Old Ways; no other gods before the True One, follow the True One and her Old Ways, modest apparel, no sexual relations before Life-Bonding and no adultery, no lying, no committing murder, no stealing, no coveting, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. What does she believe is evil: The Usurper and his followers What does she believe is good: The True One, the Old Ways, and fellow believers Risks Worth Taking: Saving Anomalies and revealing the truth in Summit

Goals and Daily Living

Culture: Winged beings focused on social class who thrive on extravagance, indulgence, power, and greed. Achievements: Being the first recorded female Healer in Summit, and organizing a...*secret*

Main Goal: To reveal the truth of Summit's lies and to become the Head Healer of the Sanatorium.

Minor Goal: To keep her loved ones safe. Failures: None so far. Desire: To restore Summit to its former glory, and to help others with her skills and knowledge.

Biggest Mistakes: Not trusting those around her enough.

Current Obstacles: Her inroads to the High Families comes to an abrupt halt after a death.

Any secrets: Being a True One believer, and a few covert activities (no spoilers!)

Worldview: The Usurper has corrupted the world, and a twisted version of their society exists because of it.

Personal Hero: None. Internal Conflict: Whether or not to tell Ari the truth External Conflict: Trusting others when she has multiple secrets that could kill her.

What others generally think of her: That she is beautiful, intelligent, and desirable aside from her arrogant attitude. Off-limits due to her relationship with High Lord Bera. What she generally thinks of herself: That she her looks are superfluous, and she can do anything she sets her mind to.

What she wishes she could change: Summit's foundational lies. What she wishes she could have: Success in her goals, and the power to easily see them come to fruition.

What gets her fired up: Someone assuming they know more than her as a medical professional.

How will the character change? She will grow emotionally, readily trusting others and easily expressing her emotions.

Read about Willow in Claimed and Envoy!

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