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Character: Raviar Veritas

*Note: This character info-graphic includes a lot of information from Envoy. Some of these things change in Rivened. ;)

Basic Information

Name: Raviar Veritas

Nickname: Rav

Name Significance: Raviar "Determined Seeker" Veritas "Truth"

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Location: Varies between Summit and Demesne depending on what the Variance needs

Birthplace: Unknown

Ethnicity: Dweller

Nationality: Citizen of Demesne

Physical Appearance

Skin Tone: Medium-grey color

Complexion: Clear skin

Eye Color: Silver eyes

Hair Color and Texture: Black, wavy, and a bit coarse.

Height: 5'11"

Body Type: Lean and muscular with broad shoulders, tapered waist, and an inverted triangle shape.

Birthmarks: None

Scars: Scar on his right shoulder blade and a few small scars on his hands, arms, and legs from being a pup.

Left-handed/Right-handed/Ambidextrous: Ambidextrous

Age Character Appears to Others: Appears as an Elysian in his second decade while under the shade of his stall, and as a Dweller just past his second decade (20) otherwise.

Dyed Hair Color: None

Usual Hairstyle: Short hair that hangs around his face and neck or that is tied at the nape of his neck by a leather piece.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Makeup Style: None.

Clothing Style: Simple and efficient. Wears a combination of linen and leather with buckles and straps for various weapons or tools he needs.

Clothing Size: Large but long in the legs.

Shoe Style: Sturdy calf-length boots.

Features: Hooded eyes, thick eyebrows with high arch, long nose, high cheekbones, full lips, strong jawline

Face Shape: Oval

Distinguishing Feature: One full-length black wing

Physical Strengths: Dextrous fingers, slight of hand, and fighting with mallets or hand-to-hand

Physical Weakness: Flying

Personality Traits

Extrovert or Introvert: Extroverted

Meyers-Brigg Personality: ENFJ

Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Temperament: Easy-going and quick-witted, goal-oriented, sometimes cocky, and prone to mischief. Protective of, and loyal to, loved ones.

Mood: Intense

Attitude: Fun-loving and approachable

Strengths: Reliable and determined to be of service to a worthy cause

Flaws: Unrealistically tries to right every wrong - and tells bad jokes

Mannerisms: If a gadget is not available to work on while thinking he leans against a wall or table

Habits: Gives awful names to objects he crafts, always prepared for a mission, leaves Syke with someone he trusts

Morning Person or Night Owl: Both depending on what he has to do that day.

Pet Peeves: Being lied to, and anyone insulting Syke.

Weaknesses: Can come across as patronizing and is overly empathetic

Strength: Inspires and listens to others

Expressiveness: Authentic and open about who he is and what he believes with everyone.

Ruled by Heart or Mind: Both.

Mindset: Determined to follow the True One and bring truth and justice to the world.

Philosophy: No matter what is going on it is exactly as it should be.

Motivated by: His goals to help the Variance, and his belief that the world can change for the better.

Everyday Speech: Common Tongue with Dwellen dialect accent

Life Motto: Never give up

Energy Level: High. Even when fatigued he can push through with more energy than most.

Memory Level: High. Especially in auditory situations

Disabilities: Cannot fly with only one wing.

Phobias: Bees

Addictions: Puzzles and sweets

Allergies: None known

Daily Occupation

Occupational Goal: To be a valuable member of the Variance

Position in Society: Small business owner of a trinket shop that sells unique odds and ends

Works for: The Rhan, the Variance, and himself

Education: Taught a high-level of education by High Priestess Farouche

Work Ethic: Diligent, efficient, and a risk-taker

Income: A few pelf per month, dependent on the few customers he receives in his shop

Citizen Class: Merchant. Adopted son of the High Priestess.

Volunteer Work: done for the Variance

Dream Occupation: To be an inventor for the Palisade

Job he would do poorly at: Being a Healer

Career Satisfaction: Being able to support himself doing what he loves and is passionate about

Food Preferences

Diet: Eats a lot of seeded loafs, a few scavenged fruits and vegetables, and whatever game he can find on the mountainside. Loves sweets.

Favorite Foods: Herb cheese, potato cakes, marinated meat, and sweet buns.

Favorite Drinks: Pekeo and fermented spuds

Favorite Things, Hobbies, and Interests

Favorite Book: None

Favorite Place: Anywhere among friends

Favorite Activities: Building gadgets and Joking

Favorite time of day: Morning

Favorite Animal: Rabats

Favorite Hobbies: Testing out his latest inventions, "flying" with Syke, sparring with the Farouche siblings and solving riddles and puzzles.

Interests: His family, Ari, and helping people

Happiest when: He can bring a smile to someone else's face.

Saddest when: The people he cares about are hurting in some way.

Loves to: Play pranks as much as possible

Hates to: Do things that he considers a waste of time

Inspired by: High Priestess Farouche's devotion to Aeonian and her kindness toward others

Family and Relationships

Raised by: High Priestess Farouche

Parent Status: Adopted mother and unknown biological parents

Father's Name: Unknown. Adoptive father is deceased

Mother's Name: Unknown. Adopted mother: Elisheba Farouche

Relationship with Father: None

Relationship with Mother: None. Adopted mother: Full of honesty and affection

Parenting Type: Elisheba Farouche considers Raviar the same as any of her biological pups and provided for, taught, and guided him just the same.

Only Child: Unknown biologically, but no in adopted family

Eldest Child, Middle Child, or Youngest Child: Middle child.

Number of Siblings: Three adopted siblings

Relationship with Siblings: Playful, easy-going, affectionate, and honest

Extended Family: None known.

Family Relations: Generally happy

How has family shaped the character: Helped shape a solid sense of self with keen intellect and compassionate heart despite the unknown past of his youth.

Most liked about family: Their ability to support each other during harsh times

Most disliked about his family: The struggle Elisheba has as a single mother.

Children: None

Pets: Rabat (Syke)

Best Friend(s): Drakon Farouche

Worst Enemy(ies): Chief Attendant Bakas and High Lord Talon

Many acquaintances or few close friends: Both

Relationship Status: Single. Not Mate-Bonded.

Marital Status: Not Life-Bonded

First Love: Ari

Current Love or Aspiring Love: Ari

Notable Ex-Lovers: None

Top 3 Loved Ones: Would never rank his loved ones that way

Top 3 Disliked Ones: His enemies

Knows the character best: Elisheba Farouche

Childhood/Adolescence: Doesn't remember anything before he was taken into the Farouche family. With them, he grew up happy and healthy with typical foibles of a pup.

Religious Beliefs

Upbringing: Conservative values entrenched in the Old Ways

Core Values: Believing in the Aeonian and her Old Ways

Morals: Based on following the Old Ways; no other gods before the True One, follow the True One and her Old Ways, modest apparel, no sexual relations before Life-Bonding and no adultery, no lying, no committing murder, no stealing, no coveting, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What does he believe is evil: The Usurper and his followers

What does he believe is good: Aeonian, the Old Ways, and fellow believers

Risks Worth Taking: being a spy for the Variance and helping Ari

Goals and Daily Living

Culture: Winged, horned, hooved, and tailed beings with some focused on social class who thrive on extravagance, indulgence, power, and greed. The majority follow Aeonian and her Old Ways. Precious metals and gemstones are used as mere decorations while importance is placed more on food and other materials.

Achievements: opening his own shop and being a successful spy for the Variance

Main Goal: to help the Variance bring about political and social change in Demesne and Summit

Minor Goal: to create unique objects that can help people

Failures: None, but business is doing poorly due to current economic status of Demesne and extended absences for the Variance

Desire: To live a happy life with his loved ones

Biggest Mistakes: Trusting Kara

Current Obstacles: Hiding his missing wing when he's in Summit

Any secrets: Being a Dweller in Summit

Worldview: The Usurper causes corruption and chaos in Summit and it's crept into Demesne

Personal Hero: Elisheba Farouche

Internal Conflict: Not being able to act on his feelings for Ari like he wants to

External Conflict: Keeping himself disguised while he's in Summit

What others generally think of him: That he's an affable person who can be relied upon to help others

What he generally thinks of himself: That he's doing the best that he can and he will never give up on his goals

What he wishes he could change: The losses that his loved ones have suffered.

What he wishes he could have: A pair of full wings and a family of his own one day.

What gets him fired up: Someone lying to him and then acting like nothing happened.

How will the character change? No spoilers. ;)

Read more about Raviar in Claimed and Envoy!

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